• Scott Cummings

Blunder-full Build.

Here’s the latest work on my 1/12 scale 1957 Chevy Belair model car. Adding the trim work has been a nightmare of ill-fitting parts. The rule is, you should always dry-fit everything, but sometimes in my eagerness I forget. I should have taken pictures of the left rear quarterpanel’s warped chrome trim. I attempted to heat up the parts and straighten them, but botched it. So, I ended up buying another kit for the parts. Also, the trunk lid wouldn’t close when I tried to attach it to the steel hinges I had made back when I roughed in the bodywork. I had to fabricate some new ones out of brass tubing so I could easily bend them to make the trunk fit snuggly. And, the rear bumper is wider than it should be, and there’s nothing solid to attach it to. I scratch built some styrene tabs and attached them to the inner fender wells to create something substantial to hold the bumper.

Now I’m doing the tedious wiring for all the lighting. I’m still working out where to hide the batteries and on/off switch.

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